My Travel Resume

Travelling is one of my ultimate favourite things to do; sometimes, if not all the time, I just wish I had more time and money to do it all the time. I have been very lucky to have visited some really cool places so far and do some incredible activities.


Wales – too many times to remember

I actually don’t know how many times I have been here; we used to go caravanning with family friends and we did it for years and years, I would probably need more than 2 hands to count how many times we went. I have so many fond memories of visiting Wales, we used to go with 4 other families, so there were five families all together, which totalled 12 kids, and nearly just as many dogs, and we used to pitch our caravans together and have the best time ever. We would go jet skiing, go out fishing on the speedboat, waterskiing and build sandcastles and so much more. Some of my fondest memories are from the holidays we would take in Wales.


Cyprus – Protaras, May 2005 and Polis and Latchi, July 2013

I was 9 went I first went abroad and that was to Protaras in Cyprus. I remember this being such a fun holiday, we went for two weeks and we went with my Nana and Grandpa, Auntie Juey, Uncle Andy and my cousin Olivia. We stayed in a hotel that was right on the sea front and we spent all of our time playing in the pool, going snorkelling, going to the kids club at the hotel and everything kids want to do. We returned to Cyprus again in 2013 and visited a different area called Polis and Latchi. This is such a beautiful area and we went with my Nana and Grandpa again.


Morzine, France – January/February 2007, 2008, 2009, 2016, 2017

I have been extremely lucky to visit Morzine five times and they were the best five years ever. In the winter months, Morzine is a lovely ski resort and I have been so incredibly lucky to be taught how to ski in France with a ski school and Morzine is just such a beautiful place, it almost feels like a second home when I’m there. We would go skiing with such a large group of family and friends, there is usually between 20/25 of us when we go and it is the best time ever. For the first three years we hired chalets and the last two years we stayed in hotels. Morzine is great because you can ski from the Morzine resort across to Les Gets, which is absolutely beautiful, or you can get a bus to Avoriaz which is big resort and you can actually ski to Switzerland from Avoriaz, this is something I got to do last year and was incredible.


Florida, America – August 2008

Florida was another wonderful holiday, I think there were twelve of us who went and we stayed in this massive villa with a private pool and it was such a fun two weeks. I actually can’t believe it was 10 years ago next month that I went and I am so desperate to go again. We did all the usual things you do in Florida like visiting all the theme parks and spending hours in the pool.


Edinburgh, Scotland – June 2013/November 2014

Edinburgh is one of my most favourite places in the world. The city is so beautiful and there are so many different things to see. I first went to Edinburgh on trip with college and I had so much fun exploring the city, the reason for going was to attend the International Film Festival and that was a lot of fun. I actually got to go to the first advance screening/premiere of the first two episodes of Peaky Blinders, which is now a huge hit. I also got to meet Joanne Froggatt at the festival as I went to the premiere of a film she was in called U Want Me 2 Kill Him. The second time I visited Edinburgh was to stay with family, my dads cousin lives up there, and we all had tickets to go and see The Who on their 50th anniversary tour, which actually took place in Glasgow, and that was incredible seeing the band play live. We also visited the Christmas Markets, which were beautiful.


Paris, France – February 2014

I had the opportunity to go to Paris when I was in college, it was a school trip and I went with my photography course. It was a trip that took students from other creative courses so I large group of my friends went too and the few days we spent there were so fun just running round the city sightseeing. I got to visit the Lourve whilst I was there, and the Eiffel Tower and so many other cool places and exhibitions. I also tried frogs legs whilst I was there and they were actually delicious, I highly recommend.

This is the only photo I can find from my trip to Paris 😦


Rhodes, Greece – June 2014

I went to Rhodes on a girls holiday, not the girls holiday you would expect, the girls I went with, and I, decided we wanted more of a chilled and relaxing holiday and we did some sightseeing. We were not bothered about the partying aspect of a young girls holiday but instead our idea of fun was going out for dinner, having a bottle of wine then getting giggly over quite a few cocktails every night and playing cards.


Brighton – June 2015

Back in 2015 I went on a little mini break to Brighton for a few days, the weather was brilliant and it was such a fun few days exploring the lanes and eating ice cream on the beach.


Berlin, Germany – June 2017

I fell completely head over heels in love with Berlin when I visited last summer. It is such a beautiful city, without having that busy city feeling. There was so many different areas of the city and all had a different atmosphere and I just loved it. This was a trip with my university course and we got to visit the Reichstag, the Berliner Dom, the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and so many more amazing places. This is definitely somewhere I need to visit again, and very soon.


Budapest, Hungary – December 2017

This was the last place I have visited when I went last Christmas. I went with one of my best friends, Lauren, and we went for three days, mainly for the Christmas Markets. This was another beautiful place and I only wish we had more time there. Even though it was extremely cold and we did get drenched in the rain on the first night, it was such an amazing city and is somewhere I want to visit again, maybe not at Christmas though. I have a funny, but not so funny at the time story about when we went to Budapest but I’ll save that for another time – it was a complete and utter nightmare!


I hope you have enjoyed seeing all the places I have visited and a whole host of baby faced Lauren pictures. Let me know your favourite holiday destinations in the comments, I would love to know and I’m in need of some travel inspiration!

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