My Graduation: Such a special day

The days leading up to my graduation were probably the most excited I’ve ever been. Three years of hard work, tears and laughter came down to this one day and I can’t believe I was able to graduate with a 2:1!

So my graduation took place on Wednesday 18th July and the ceremony took place at 5pm. It took place in The Venue at DMU; there was seating all around the room with a stage in the middle.

My mum and dad came along with my nana and grandpa; unfortunately my sister, Jess, couldn’t make it as she was away on holiday.

My day started pretty early at about 7am but I spent a couple of hours chilling and ate some breakfast. After breakfast, my mum FaceTimed Jess because they had a little surprise for me.

Mum presented me with a little gift bag and a card and inside the bag was a little blue box and a gorgeous bracelet from Tiffany and Co. For my 21st birthday last year my parents gifted me a Tiffany necklace with the iconic heart tag and a little key on it, and the bracelet has the same iconic heart tag with a double chain and matches my necklace perfectly – it’s beautiful!

We arrived at DMU just before 2pm and the first thing I did was collect my robes. I had actually purchased my mortarboard hat because I wanted to keep it so I had tried that on prior to collecting my robes but it was such a strange feeling getting completely robed up.

We had our professional photographs taken shortly after collecting the robes, robe collection and photography was on the other side of campus so we decided to do all of that at the same time before heading over to the venue where there was the Graduates Marquee.

At the Graduates Marquee, you had to register your attendance and collect you ticket, also in the marquee was a bar and each quest was given a complementary glass of processco.

By the time we got to the marquee, it was 3:30 and we had to be sat in our seats for 4:30 so we had an hour to have some drinks and I got to see my friends who I hadn’t seen for a few months.

The actual ceremony itself was really lovely, the DMU Gospel Choir performed and they sang Rise Up by Andra Day. Throughout the ceremony they played slideshows with lots of photographs from our three years and it made me feel so nostalgic and very emotional, I’m surprised I didn’t cry!

As my sister couldn’t be there I decided that I would FaceTime her as I went across the stage to collect my certificate which was lovely and quite funny watching it back as I did a screen recording of it.

At the end of the ceremony they also played one of my favourite songs from The Greatest Showman soundtrack, This Is Me, and all of the graduates we stood up and clapping and I couldn’t help but sing and dance along and trying not to cry.

It was such a surreal and wonderful feeling graduating and I am genuinely so sad that my time at university has come to an end so quickly, I can still remember the day I walked into Queens Building to enrol as a naïve 19 year old and now three years later, I actually have a university degree under my belt – it still doesn’t feel real!









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