My Go To Summer Sunnies 2018

Sunglasses are my absolute favourite summer accessory – actually, let me rephrase that – my all time favourite accessory because I will happily wear them all year round, the slightest bit of sun in winter and the sunnies will be on!

I have an unhealthy obsession and I’m ashamed to admit how many pairs I have, *coughs* 15 *coughs*, and I even store them in a proper case to protect them all.

I just say to myself, different outfits will need a different style of sunglasses and so on, however, I do really love sunglasses and are the one thing that I am willing to spend money on because I know I will always wear them and the won’t wear out or fade (as long as I look after them) once you’ve worm them to death just like clothes and shoes do.

My favourite brand of sunglasses is Quay Australia and nearly half of my collection is made up of Quay sunglasses and all glasses mentioned in this post will be Quay. What I really like about Quay is that they are really good quality sunglasses without being overly expensive (some are actually pretty cheap), and I really like the designs they bring out, and I also like that they give their glasses really cool names.

I will link the sunglasses that I can still find online, and all links will be to the English version of the sites.

Quay Australia – The Playa

I bought this pair of sunglasses at the beginning of summer last year off of the Asos website and wore them non-stop all summer, and if I remember correctly, I think they were limited addition at the time. I absolutely love these glasses so much because I love the reflective lenses and they were actually the first pair of aviator style glasses I bought and I actually really like this style frame with my face shape. Unfortunately, I didn’t look after them and keep them in a glasses case when I wasn’t wearing them when I was out and about so the lenses have gotten super scratched.


Quay Australia – After Hours

These next three pairs of sunglasses I bought at the same time and are my most recent sunglasses purchase for this summer. I had wanted more of a classic pair of sunglasses for this summer because last year I lived in reflective cat-eye or aviator glasses and this summer I wanted something slightly more classic and as soon as I saw these I had to have them. Plus, I love the tortoise shell colour with the squarer style frames and are a pair of sunglasses that can be paired with so many different outfit – the perfect grab and go pair.


Quay Australia – Needing Fame

These next sunglasses are my Khloe Kardashian sunglasses, and I actually think she has been spotted wearing these exact pair and whenever I wear them it gives me some extra confidence and makes me feel like Khloe Kardashian, plus, she is my favourite of the Kardashian clan. What I really like about these frames is the matte black finish with gold accents and they are a slightly different take to an aviator style frame and I think they are a very sophisticated style of glasses.


Quay Australia – Don’t Stop

What drew me to this pair of glasses was the colour block with the top half red and the bottom half a tortoise shell pattern. I loved the shape of the frame of these sunglasses and I also really liked how the colours follow round onto the arm of the glasses and that they are thicker than usual arms. Ultimately, it was the red that sold these glasses to me and would work really well when paired with an outfit that features other red accessories.


So, they are the four pairs of sunglasses that are set to be my go to sunnies for this year and with the weather looking as promising as it is, I can’t wait to see what this summer will bring.


3 thoughts on “My Go To Summer Sunnies 2018

  1. I’ve been trying to expand my sunglasses collection because I think they’re such a cute way to give an outfit just a lil extra something, ya know? I looooove those red + tortoise shell ones! SO cute. You’ve got quite the nice collection 👌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I totally agree, sunglasses always add something extra to an outfit! If you’re looking to expand your collection I would definitely recommend Quay glasses because they have such a large collection to choose from and they are good quality without breaking the bank x

      Liked by 1 person

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