Five destinations I am dying to visit

I have spoken openly about my love of travelling and spoke about some of my travelling goals in my previous post, so I thought I would share five places that I am dying to visit and why.

My go to source for travel inspiration is most definitely Instagram. I follow so many different travelling accounts that my list of places I want to visit will probably serve me a lifetime of holidays.

Just as a little side note, my top five travel destinations change all the time, they always change depending on what content I have seen on social media, what books I’m reading, what films I’m watching and so on, but at this moment in time, these are the five places I am dying to visit.

  1. Italy

There are so many places in Italy that I want to travel I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. To me, Italy is a very romantic destination where you get the best of both worlds, the city and the sea. When I go away on holiday I love exploring a new place and Italy looks like it has so much to offer.

  1. Bali

I have been obsessed with visiting Bali for years now and my obsession just seems to be increasing. I have never travelled that far west, or to the Northern hemisphere for that matter. The images I’ve seen of Bali look beautiful and looks like the sort of place you could discover loads of quirky places and hidden gems.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is a pretty new destination that I am desperate to visit. My grandparents went to Thailand around 7/8 years ago I think and their photos looked incredible but it is still only recently that Thailand has made its way to the top of my travel destinations list. There looks like there is so many opportunities for adventure in Thailand and it sparks a curiosity inside me to go and discover the country.

  1. Hawaii

When I think of Hawaii, the first thing that comes to mind is the most perfect sun, sea and sand destination. I haven’t had many beach holidays, I think I’ve only had three in my entire life, my annual family holiday is skiing in France, which is something that I absolutely adore and have been so lucky to experience, but when summer rolls around I always crave the sun, sea and sand and Hawaii is my idea of paradise and I can’t wait to hopefully tick this one off my list.

  1. Canada

Canada is somewhere I have wanted to visit because of their ski resorts. I have seen photographs of the snow they get in Canada and their ski resorts look out of this world. Canada is similar to Italy in that there is many places I want to see and it isn’t just the snow because their cities look amazing too. I think I’d probably have to go for six months so I can experience both the snow and sun for this one.

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