My 2018 goals – new year new me?

So, the first week of 2018 is done, and over the last week I have had time to reflect on 2017 and think about what it is I want to achieve for this coming year.

This week I have gone back to university and I am finally starting to get back into a normal routine and out of the slump that Christmas and New Year induced on me.

I wasn’t very willing to go back to university, it was kind of like ripping a plaster off, at first you don’t want to do it and once you’ve done it you realise it wasn’t going to be that bad after all.

I’m currently in my final year, so it’s time for the home stretch now before graduation in July!

After the last few years, I definitely feel like I am ready for a change and a new challenge so I just need to power through it for the next four months of assignments, exams and dissertation writing.

This leads me nicely to my first goal of the year – finishing university with a grade I am happy and can be proud of.

The first two years were not too bad, I could just about ponder along comfortably, but now third year has come around I’m wishing I had put more effort into it over years one and two, and also at the beginning of third year.

So in a nutshell, my first goal is put in as much effort into my work that is humanly possible so that I can achieve a mark that I will be proud of in years to come.

Got to have a cuppa whilst you work

Adding to this, as I will be graduating university this year, unless for some bizarre reason I decide to do a masters, one of my biggest goals is to get my first full time job, and hopefully a job in the industry I want to work in.

My second goal is something that I always set myself to do at the beginning of each year, and that is to travel to somewhere new.

Last year I visited two different cities, the first one being Berlin, Germany; I visited there in June and it was absolutely beautiful and is somewhere I would love to visit again.

Gorgeous sunny day in Berlin

Back in December I also visited Budapest in Hungary and that too was beautiful.

Outside the Hungarian Houses of Parliament 

In Budapest I spent a lot of time visiting the Christmas Markets and trying lots of different foods.

So in 2018 I would love to visit somewhere new, in fact, I would love to visit two new places, you can never travel too much.

One of my favourite pass times is to read, but whilst I’m studying I don’t have much time to read the books I want read.

This year I want to change that and I want to challenge myself to read a minimum of 20 books this year, which I think is most definitely feasible.

Back when my book collection was much smaller than it is now

Finally, the last of my main goals for 2018 is to study a new language.

One thing I have always wanted to do is to speak another language, I just believe it is such an amazing skill to have.

I don’t know what language yet; it will probably be Spanish or German as I already have audio courses on both of those languages.

So there we have it, those are my main goals for 2018; obviously I have the usual health, fitness and wellbeing goals just like anyone else but these are person goals to myself.

Lets hope in 12 months time I come back and can say that I have achieved every single one!

Happy 2018.

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