What do I want to get out of this?

I’ve been thinking all week as to what would be an appropriate way to open my blog and so I thought to myself, what do I want to get out of this? Then I physically asked myself, what DO I want to get out of this?!

Writing has always been a passion of mine and writing short stories was something I used to do as a way of passing time and as a hobby when I was younger; I remember one of the first stories I wrote was on a typewriter, at my nanas house if I remember rightly.

As I’ve grown older I’ve developed more interests such as beauty, fashion, reading, cooking and I could go on forever. So my thought was that I wanted a space where I could collect all of my passions together, write about them and make it my own little creative space on the Internet and have something I can channel my creative energy into instead of it bubbling up inside me.

I want this blog to act as a kind of journal where I can document my life and talk about issues that feel strongly about and a place where I can share other thoughts and memories through words and photographs.

Photography is something I studied as one of my a-level choices three or four years back. I haven’t picked my camera up in years and I really miss taking photos. I’m hoping by launching this blog, it will give me the opportunity to start taking photos again and start experimenting with my camera.

As a third year Journalism student, I feel like producing a blog would help me to improve on my professional writing and it just seems fitting. My lectures would probably argue that starting up a blog is long overdue for someone who wants a career in writing and within the media.

All that being said, I think that is all I want to share for my very first blog post. I can not wait to start actively posting on here and to share all of my thoughts and memories on my little space on the Internet.


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